has a long history with the national steppers communiity. In fact, this website/ historic brand was very instrumental with showcasing  the art of steppin using media art since it's inception in the year 1999.


What began as a passion for custom greeting cards by founder and owner DanLanPro, he quickly developed into an interest with website design and development followed by video production and multimedia design art using  Steppin as his primary focus.


This directed and DanLanPro on a journey with steppin that hasn't seized in almost 20 years and continue to exist as a viable medium and brand with a very strong relationship thoughout the Steppin culture.


"I always prided myself with being first with introducing or creating Steppin projects and productions during the early developmental years, but as I grew in talent and established several meaningful relationships around the Steppin culture through media,  I learn to humble myself by sharing and working with others around the culture to present Steppin in it's most positive forms. Multimedia was always and remain the main vehicle I use with to drive our digital platforms." can't list all the people and projects it played an intricate role with establishing or bringing their visions or steppin projects to fruition. In fact, we cant begin to list all the clients that worked or shared the experience. We only know the list is long and the memories are bright and beautiful. Sometimes, we post classic memories on our media page to remind our numerous clients of these memories and relationships.


The fact remaining, Steppin was a blessing for  and this website was a blessing for steppin. They botth go hand and hand and this long term relationship is the voice that history will eventually speak, especially when the chapter is wrote about multimedia design art in the Steppin community..


Meanwhile we remain to be heard and we remain to be seen @ Thank you for your visits.



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