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What is Steppin?


Steppin is a derivative of several African American dance forms, The Ring-Shout, The Cakewalk, The Jitterbug, The Swing, The Offtime, The Bop, and The New Bop in particular.


A dance consisiting of two or more people dancing as partners in synchronization to a specific pattern currently taught through a 6 or 8 count beat to musical sounds of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul, or Rapp music.


Attire consist of a form of rag time, black tie, and modern fashion designs twisted into a unique style of contemporary designs better known as Steppers Sharp usually reflecting combinations of fashions from past generations throughout African American history, the gouyster in particular.


Steppin is a popular dance form that originated from Chicago's African American dance community. It is currently enjoyed and adopted by people in many major cities, including  Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee, L.A., Oakland, Seattle, and other heavy populated areas around the country.

Written By: Daniel Land Sr. 1999 / Revised 2002 /2015

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